The Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation is a permanent charitable foundation, established in 1995, in
memory of Louis Turpin.

Our goal is to provide a financial resource to voluntary, non-profit, non-government, community based organizations who identify HIV/AIDS related needs within the Ottawa-Hull region. This includes organizations whose primary mandate may not be AIDS related programming, but who have identified a need to address HIV/AIDS related issues in their community or within their program target population. All applicants for funding must hold charitable status.

Organizations, which wish to apply for funding, must provide proof of charitable status, three letters of project support, a project budget, an organizational budget and the name and telephone number of a contact person able to answer questions about the project. They must also complete the project funding application form.

The demand for funding is great and funds are limited. Organizations who wish to apply for a grant from The Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation should govern themselves accordingly.

Funding is available in the form of one time grants to organizations whose projects meet one or both of the following criteria.

Programs designed to:

    • Improve the ability of persons affected by HIV/AIDS to cope with the effect it has on their lives
    • Projects, which provide direct services or support to people, infected or affected by HIV/AIDS
    • Build a stronger community response to HIV/AIDS
    • Projects, which provide prevention, education, education for people infected or affected by HIV or AIDS and/or education for persons involved in the delivery of direct services or support to persons infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.


  • Funding is not available for capital cost, deficit reduction, ongoing operating costs or research in any form.
Proposals are assessed using criteria such as:

  • The extent to which the project reflects the goals of the eligibility criteria
  • The extend to which the project provides for participation of the target population
  • The ability of the applicant to complete the project
  • The degree to which the project is innovative
  • The extent the project reflects changing HIV/AIDS related needs
  • The suitability of the evaluation plan
  • whether the proposed budget is reasonable and realistic given the project activities
    please note: project co-funding is a consideration in some circumstances
Grant approval

  • Grants are issued on a periodic basis throughout the year. Proposals will first be evaluated to ensure they correspond to the eligibility criteria.
  • A representative of the foundation will advise you if the proposal is eligible for further review.

All proposals recommended for approval by the grants committee will be forwarded to the Board of Directors of the Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation for final approval. Organizations will receive written notice of final approval.

If a project receives final approval, a formal agreement between your organization and the foundation will be necessary. This agreement will specify the terms and conditions of the funding. In the event that the project is not approved a letter of explanation will be sent.

Click here to download the application form