In preparing for the 16th International World AIDS 2006 conference the Public Health Agency of Canada hired Perfection Communications Inc of which Carol Bull is President and Owner to help manage, design and produce Canada’s Exhibit. PCI contacted the Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation and this is where our incredible journey began.

The objective was to capture real Canadian stories to put a face to HIV and AIDS through photographs, video footage and testimonials. The only way to achieve this was to get out there and see first hand how HIV and AIDS is affecting all Canadians.

We immediately put out a call to AIDS Service Organizations across the country inviting them to take part in the project. The response was overwhelming.

My sister, Jackie Turpin, MPA and I traveled across the country during the months of May and June to video graph, photograph and interview Canadians who had been infected with or affected by HIV and AIDS. We discovered first hand that poverty, homelessness, stigma and discrimination are a reality that is fueling this disease. We also uncovered a tremendous amount of support, interest and energy on the front lines. People standing up and making a difference. We were able to capture a glimpse of how HIV and AIDS has affected Canadians.

The team put together an incredible video presentation complete with images ,video footage and narration telling the stories of some of these courageous Canadians.

The video was intended to build awareness around some of the issues Canadians are facing today and we believe it is an extraordinary education tool.


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